News and Events

A New Look

Check out our new logos. We are still the same food bank, hot meal site and clothing bank. We’ve just updated our look. You can now also find us on Facebook. Like us at

A Big Ride!

The new Pantry van

In March the Pantry purchased this box truck with funds donated by Simpson Tacoma Kraft, a private donation, and money from Epworth LeSourd United Methodist Church. The church decided to close its doors and disperse remaining funds to several charities. My Sister’s Pantry is grateful for all the funding it received. This vehicle will hold more food and is much safer than our old van.

Matching funds

We are delighted that The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation has offered the Pantry $10,000 in matching funds if we can raise that same amount in new donations by the end of June. That would be in addition to money our donors have already pledged. If you are already a pledged donor to the Pantry, please consider if you can help out with this extra boost. For those of you who have not pledged, every dollar you donate now toward that $10,000 goal will be matched by the Foundation, resulting in $20,000 for the continued operation of the Pantry.

Where is the Newspaper Bin??

Some of you may have noticed that the big beige bin is gone from the Pantry's parking lot. Fibres International, the recycler, has decided not to service any area south of SeaTac. When we first got the bin, paper prices were up and the Pantry was receiving $150 to $200 a quarter. Over the last year prices have dropped and we have been getting $25 to $50 a quarter. We would like to thank Fibres International and you for your past support of this fundraiser.

Although the bin is gone, please continue bring us your unneeded plastic and brown paper shopping bags.